More Tattoos

April 21, 2010

Tattoos in the workforce have become more acceptable the past few decades. Just the other day I was eating dinner with my dad (very old-fashioned man) and our waiter had a tattoo sleeve on his right arm. My father did not notice it until he reached out to serve us our food. My father waited until he left and stared at me and said “did you see how ridiculous he looked?” (The restaurant was a very nice restaurant too.) I did not think anything of it at first but then I began to think about it and noticed that tattoos have become more acceptable in the workforce. Now I am not talking about tattoos that cover your face or any tattoos in irrational places but just regular tattoos. Most places you work you still have to cover them up or at least to attempt to hide them but overall people have become more open with their art. This shows the relaxing trend of behavior/dress code in the workplace. But if it was up to most white collar workers in the workforce they would rather work with someone who does not have tattoos. Even though they are becoming more acceptable they are still considered rebellious. So if you are going into an interview make sure you cover them up.


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