the Bow Tie

April 5, 2010

The Bow Tie is a very interesting accessory and a great addition to any wardrobe. The bow tie is not as popular as it use to be but can still be rather dashing. The bow tie use to be a common accessory in the workplace but nowadays the bow tie is disappearing. It is almost considered odd to wear one unless it is on a tuxedo. There are a select few that still wear the bow tie. You can find them in a lot of southern fraternities that like to keep their southern heritage. You can often find them being worn by professors normally by the older teachers. I still enjoy wearing a bow tie every now and then and I think other people should try to wear one. The tie can be a little difficult to learn but once you learn it you’ll try tying everything else like it. The bow tie can add a change to your outfit. I wouldn’t wear it to work really unless you work at a suit or other nice retail store. I would wear it to your next formal even but make sure you do not tie it upside down or too big. Some of my favorite bow ties are from Southern Proper. Go old fashioned and try one out.


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