More Tattoos

April 21, 2010

Tattoos in the workforce have become more acceptable the past few decades. Just the other day I was eating dinner with my dad (very old-fashioned man) and our waiter had a tattoo sleeve on his right arm. My father did not notice it until he reached out to serve us our food. My father waited until he left and stared at me and said “did you see how ridiculous he looked?” (The restaurant was a very nice restaurant too.) I did not think anything of it at first but then I began to think about it and noticed that tattoos have become more acceptable in the workforce. Now I am not talking about tattoos that cover your face or any tattoos in irrational places but just regular tattoos. Most places you work you still have to cover them up or at least to attempt to hide them but overall people have become more open with their art. This shows the relaxing trend of behavior/dress code in the workplace. But if it was up to most white collar workers in the workforce they would rather work with someone who does not have tattoos. Even though they are becoming more acceptable they are still considered rebellious. So if you are going into an interview make sure you cover them up.


Baby Ivan Drago

April 12, 2010

I am not writing my blog about what I normally write about. Tonight I am writing about Baby Ivan Drago. A couple of my friends showed me a college humor video of this amazing 3 year old boxer. The child’s name is Ivan Drago. I am not sure what ethnicity he is but I’m going to say he is from some eastern European country. This kid is absolutely amazing. He is a ridiculously good boxer at the age of 3. He has amazing power and is just amazingly quick.  I am pretty sure we will be seeing him in the 2016 or 2020 Olympics. He will definitely become pro. Another thing is that he will never get picked on at school, that is for sure. I am pretty sure he could beat me up. It also makes me kind of sad as well though. It makes me wonder if baby Ivan really likes to box and if he is a child prodigy. But I hope he continues boxing because I do not want that talent to go to waste. Below I will have a link so you can watch the movie and be amazed.

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the Bow Tie

April 5, 2010

The Bow Tie is a very interesting accessory and a great addition to any wardrobe. The bow tie is not as popular as it use to be but can still be rather dashing. The bow tie use to be a common accessory in the workplace but nowadays the bow tie is disappearing. It is almost considered odd to wear one unless it is on a tuxedo. There are a select few that still wear the bow tie. You can find them in a lot of southern fraternities that like to keep their southern heritage. You can often find them being worn by professors normally by the older teachers. I still enjoy wearing a bow tie every now and then and I think other people should try to wear one. The tie can be a little difficult to learn but once you learn it you’ll try tying everything else like it. The bow tie can add a change to your outfit. I wouldn’t wear it to work really unless you work at a suit or other nice retail store. I would wear it to your next formal even but make sure you do not tie it upside down or too big. Some of my favorite bow ties are from Southern Proper. Go old fashioned and try one out.