Presidents Style

March 22, 2010

President Barack Obama may not be the most popular president but he is most definitely a stylish president. Being the most powerful person in the world, you should dress and represent yourself appropriately. Obama does that exactly. Every time you see him on TV or in a meeting and etc. he is always wearing a suit. His suits fit him well and his buttons are always buttoned. Even on more casual occasions you will always catch him wearing a tie. Most of the times a red tie which is perhaps my most favorite color for a tie. Red is the color of power and shows confidence in yourself and what you are doing and that is important when you are president. If he is not wearing a tie though he will be at least wearing a navy blazer.The only president that trumps Obama in style is JFK. JFK’s entire persona made him stylish. The way he spoke, his active social life, and his rumored relations with an equally stylish person, Marilyn Monroe. Other stylish presidents are FDR, Nixon, and even Bush. It is hard to tell if any presidents before the 1900s were stylish but I am sure there are some.


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