Don’t be Squared

February 24, 2010

Being squared is something that is becoming more and more common. Especially among the youth of the world. It is something that can drive me absolutely crazy as well. What I am referring to is more and more people are buying square cut suits. Square cut suits are suits that are bought from your local suit outlet that are a size too big and have no tailoring done to them. You will see the square cut suit wearers walking down the street and it looks like they are wearing a box. What would you grandparents think of that??? It brings disgrace to you and the suit you are wearing. The suit is suppose to modify the way you look not make you look like Spongebob. Buying a square suit normally happens to a novice of suit wearing. Normally a person in high school buying his first suit or a college student entering the business world. But please do not let it happen to you. To avoid this go to a more professional suit store instead of an outlet or a warehouse. Go to someone who is more interested in making sure you look good than selling you a suit like a person who does alterations . Get your correct sizes and then go to your suit store of choice. Do not let the salesman hound you. First find a few suits you like then let him help you with your suggestions. Finally, once you purchase your suit, go to the tailor. When buying a suit please budget for getting it tailored because this is where the magic happens. Once you get your suit altered perfect, the suit becomes a part of you. Do not be square be fit.


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