A southern suit wearer.

February 17, 2010

Most people nowadays do not even know how to wear a suit properly. They often are consumed by the suit themselves resulting in a pain to the eye known as the “box suit.” Probably one of the most effective suit wearers would have to be southern gentlemen. Southern gentlemen are almost obliged to have a perfect fitting suit due to their respect of themselves and the ladies. Their suits are conservative with no eye-bleeding colors or skin piercing pin stripes. They are perfectly altered to fit their bodies like a suit should. When you first see a southern gentleman dressed you automatically understand that this man is a gentleman.  That is exactly what a suit should do. Define who you are as a person. A good looking suit is always a great first image when meeting someone. A perfect example of a true southern gentleman is Robert E. Lee. Stated as the last true gentleman, one could never catch him out of uniform or dress. Sometimes it makes me wish that everyone still wore suits everywhere they went.


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