Is Bonnaroo Worth It???

February 10, 2010

Bonnaroo is a large music festival that has been filling thousands of people’s heads with the beauty of music since 2002. At the festival numerous jam bands whose genres range from bluegrass to heavy metal play for the thousands upon thousands of people attending. But this brings up the question “Is Bonnaroo worth it?” I guess it really depends on the person. If you can withstand the heat of Tennessee’s summer in the middle of June then you should consider it. But you also have plenty of other things to think about too. Suffocating from the accumulating dust from the dry dirt or drowning in mud is another thing to consider. But who cares about getting a little dirty when you have mushrooms showers that reuse the same water for days at a time. Despite the few cons you have excellent pros. You get to see some of the world’s most amazing bands live and have an experience of a lifetime. Just the vibe you get from being in the mass of people singing at the top of your lungs without anyone caring is way worth the ticket price. If you are worried about not fitting in do not worry because you will always find someone weirder than you at Bonnaroo. I do suggest going with a good-sized group instead of meeting complete strangers. Bonnaroo is an experience of a lifetime and I suggest to everyone to go at least once. Especially while in your prime. It takes about a week to recover after your mind is completely shot from have such an awesome experience and fun. So …. Is Bonnaroo worth it? If you ask me, Absolutely.

By the way there is an excellent lineup for Bonnaroo this year. Check it out.


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