State of Obama

January 29, 2010

Two blogs that I followed during and after the speech were:

Both of the blogs are English blogs which I find quite interesting. They both had a large variety of both conservatives and democrats and that’s what I like. I wanted to get an overall view of both. Everyone seems to think that his speech was great but they are worried that he can deliver. Yet again he made a lot of promises. A lot of big promises and that is what concerns America. From a one conservative post they commented on how Obama is a whiner. He would always cover himself up about what a mess he came into left by the Bush administration. Another post from a democrat described the speech as too political. It was almost as if he was in another campaign running for presidency. As for what I think I agree with both the left and the right bloggers. Will he fulfill his promises? That is what we will have to wait and see until the next State of the Union. I thought it was funny during the middle of the BBC blog people started getting hyped up about someone blogging about gay rights. Obama did not even speak about gay rights but I guess that’s why you have to appreciate blogs. Freedom of Speech.


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