Life of Blogs

January 27, 2010

The blog Weblogs: a history and perspective written on the Rebecca’s Pocket weblog was interesting and helped me understand more about blogs and their characteristics. At the beginning of 1999 there only 23 weblogs known to exist. By the year 2000 there were thousands to be found. There was a blog for everyone to relate to in the world. Blogs began as a way to get in touch with the media. Media was a corporate possession and blogs allowed media to become public. Media is the influence of the world and blogs allowed people to start their own influences. Once this caught on blogs began to expand. Bloggers soon began to express not just the media but basically whatever they wanted. It became an online journal for people who wanted to share whatever they wanted. It allowed people to be someone else they could not be in the real world. It allowed them to express thoughts and experiment with their creativity when they would not be able to in the non-cyber world. At first I did not understand why blogging was such a big hit but now I understand the importance. It allows people to understand themselves more and find out who they really are. There are weblogs dedicated for people who just want to express how terrible their day was. But it allows people to be themselves and that is what I believe is important.


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