International Aid

January 24, 2010

Haiti Earthquake of 2010
More than 150,000 bodies have been buried since 12 days ago when a No. 7 scale earthquake devastated Haiti. The earthquake left the country without electricity or phone service leaving millions powerless. Countries across the world immediately sent aid to helpless Haiti. But was enough aid sent? Could countries been able to help more? I believe that there can always be more help. The government sent millions of dollars and thousands of troops to Haiti for aid. The civilians of the world have helped but not as much as they are slightly capable of. With instant communication and fast transportation there are unlimited ways to send help. There is no excuse for the people of the world to not be able to send help. Do not get me wrong because I am not saying that people do not help at all. I think it is great what the celebrities did to raise money and support for Haiti. Except for Kanye West who did not attend the event but no one is surprised by that. What I am trying to express in this writing is that people can help more than they do. Just forget about your 5-dollar coffee or your pack of cigarettes for a day and lend a hand.


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