State of Obama

January 29, 2010

Two blogs that I followed during and after the speech were:

Both of the blogs are English blogs which I find quite interesting. They both had a large variety of both conservatives and democrats and that’s what I like. I wanted to get an overall view of both. Everyone seems to think that his speech was great but they are worried that he can deliver. Yet again he made a lot of promises. A lot of big promises and that is what concerns America. From a one conservative post they commented on how Obama is a whiner. He would always cover himself up about what a mess he came into left by the Bush administration. Another post from a democrat described the speech as too political. It was almost as if he was in another campaign running for presidency. As for what I think I agree with both the left and the right bloggers. Will he fulfill his promises? That is what we will have to wait and see until the next State of the Union. I thought it was funny during the middle of the BBC blog people started getting hyped up about someone blogging about gay rights. Obama did not even speak about gay rights but I guess that’s why you have to appreciate blogs. Freedom of Speech.


The following are blog-sites for Obama’s State of the Union. The first one is supposed to be an unbiased site. It is from the nytimes:

The next is a more liberal blog site in favor of his speech:

And the final site is a conservative site strongly against Obama’s speech:


Life of Blogs

January 27, 2010

The blog Weblogs: a history and perspective written on the Rebecca’s Pocket weblog was interesting and helped me understand more about blogs and their characteristics. At the beginning of 1999 there only 23 weblogs known to exist. By the year 2000 there were thousands to be found. There was a blog for everyone to relate to in the world. Blogs began as a way to get in touch with the media. Media was a corporate possession and blogs allowed media to become public. Media is the influence of the world and blogs allowed people to start their own influences. Once this caught on blogs began to expand. Bloggers soon began to express not just the media but basically whatever they wanted. It became an online journal for people who wanted to share whatever they wanted. It allowed people to be someone else they could not be in the real world. It allowed them to express thoughts and experiment with their creativity when they would not be able to in the non-cyber world. At first I did not understand why blogging was such a big hit but now I understand the importance. It allows people to understand themselves more and find out who they really are. There are weblogs dedicated for people who just want to express how terrible their day was. But it allows people to be themselves and that is what I believe is important.

International Aid

January 24, 2010

Haiti Earthquake of 2010
More than 150,000 bodies have been buried since 12 days ago when a No. 7 scale earthquake devastated Haiti. The earthquake left the country without electricity or phone service leaving millions powerless. Countries across the world immediately sent aid to helpless Haiti. But was enough aid sent? Could countries been able to help more? I believe that there can always be more help. The government sent millions of dollars and thousands of troops to Haiti for aid. The civilians of the world have helped but not as much as they are slightly capable of. With instant communication and fast transportation there are unlimited ways to send help. There is no excuse for the people of the world to not be able to send help. Do not get me wrong because I am not saying that people do not help at all. I think it is great what the celebrities did to raise money and support for Haiti. Except for Kanye West who did not attend the event but no one is surprised by that. What I am trying to express in this writing is that people can help more than they do. Just forget about your 5-dollar coffee or your pack of cigarettes for a day and lend a hand.

My Blog Life

January 22, 2010

To start off my new blog life I will be following these sites (some just general sites):

Also some interesting sites are….



January 20, 2010

Admiral Ackbar

I found this lovely piece of advertising art on Saturday when I was stumbling across the internet. The picture is drawn on the “Today I recommend” chalkboard at a coffee barista. On this chalkboard is an elaborately drawn piece of Admiral Ackbar. Admiral Ackbar is a character that appeared in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. He is the Admiral of the Rebel fleet towards the end of the movie and he is the guy that looks like a squid or some other sea creature. His most famous phrases are when he is attacking the Death Star saying “It’s a Trap” or “We have no choice General Calrissian! Our cruisers can’t repel firepower of that magnitude!” So now that Admiral Ackbar is remembered, I will continue talking about the actual advertisement. Next to the picture of the Admiral are two phrases. The first phrase is “It’s a Frap!” with coffee frappuccino written underneath it in parenthesis. The next phrase written is “We can’t repel flavor of that magnitude!” With those two phrases he or she made a very comical advertisement.

I believe that the purpose of the drawing was achieved by its artist. I think that the purpose of the advertisement was to be a comical drawing that people could relate to and appreciate it. Just about everyone who walks in the door should be able to respect the drawing. If you are one of the millions of people who have seen Star Wars then you might see the ad from a comical standpoint. If one has not seen the movies, then the person at least will be able to respect the awesome piece of detailed art drawn from a few pieces of chalk. From a marketing standpoint I believe that the purpose of the artist was achieved.

From another standpoint, I think the biggest part of the purpose achieved is that the person who drew it was able to draw what he or she loves and share that person’s love of Star Wars with everyone else who walked in to buy coffee that morning. This drawing could actually be a small achievement in a bigger purpose too. If you take the definition of purpose, the object which one strives for, and place it in the artist’s life, he or she may have achieved part of that person’s larger purpose.

I will explain how I got from a small advertising purpose to a life’s purpose. If a person is creative enough to remember those two phrases and be able to draw such a detailed drawing from memory and apply it to coffee, then I would have to assume that he artist is somewhat of a Star Wars fan. Now the artist was able apply their artistic ability at work and to what that person loves, and that to me is an achievement. If the artist is like most people, then that person would want to share what they love to everyone. Through that drawing’s exigency, it is achieved. The drawing will make people stop and look and say “Hey that is really cool; I might buy a frappuccino today.” The drawing may have a different effect on people as well.

The effect the advertisement had on me was at first funny. How detailed Ackbar was made me look twice and read the phrases before I stumbled to another website. I looked at the drawing and the phrases and thought it was pretty funny and very creative. Then it had a nostalgic effect on me. It made me remember the times when I was a little kid playing with my Star Wars figurines while watching the movies over and over again. It made me think whenever my older brother and I would fight with light sabers and how he would always make me be the bad guy. Even the time when I made my mother make me a Jedi costume for Halloween. After feeling all those warm thoughts it made me think that we all are Star Wars geeks whether we want to admit it or not. In conclusion, all those nice thoughts made me realize that if I was at that barista, I would buy a frappuccino that day.

Hello world!

January 20, 2010

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